The energy with which you came…fierce! You almost hit me like a tornado, like a whirl wind stirring from someplace, very close to the depths of my being. I think I’m safe, I still have this under control.

Captivated by your intense interest and tenacious pursuit, I embraced the attention, taking it all in. I said to myself, live for the moment, enjoy this while it lasts…you can have the things you want.

Did I want you?

It’s funny how you want it, but ‘should I want this?’ This was not yet looking like ‘everything I prayed for’, but I thought to myself… ‘this is a big shot!’ and maybe, don’t let another good guy go away.

And while I did fret at the idea of letting you go, having had you this close, my heart still did search…. Hungry! Maybe I’m insatiable or possibly, will he still come?

Stay if you must, be gone if you must. This is my care, my duty to me and you. That he’ll make our deep yearnings birth images of a new reality, an oasis of pure ecstasy that we must experience. Ties, tango, the binding together of souls, Oneness, confessions sealed with an oath.

In a very short while, I’ll breath a fire, it will consume me, it will align with my foundations…I’ll feel like I’m helpless and truly I will be. I’ll love like I’ve lost my mind and fall with reckless abandon. It will happen in the safest place on earth. This person will be that place.

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