First post alert!

So ironic that the first post on this blog will be about hurt! It’s intentional, because the hurt in our past has made us place a premium on love. Personally, I think this is not a bad thing at all. While love paints a picture of what should be, hurt paints the reverse, so, wherever you get to start from, make sure to take the lesson;

Love Is key. It is so close to you even when you don’t feel it. You too can have it.

Hurt Isn’t the end, it’s only a bend where you get a vivid picture of what you should leave behind – buried in your past, taking with you only the lessons that refresh you, the ones that make you better.

It’s an honour to give and receive love in ones life time. It’s an experience I strongly desire for every living human. Oh! what the world would be like if we all knew how loved we are, if we could truly experience the depths of the energy of love that exists all around us. It truly would be different.

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